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Anonymous said: I go to your school, and we do talk sometimes. You mentioned once about panic attacks, and anxiety. I have these "episodes" as I call them. I've tried looking it up but I really need to know if i'm having is a panic attack, or something else. When I have an attack, my heart starts pounding, but not normally, i start sweating, i hyperventilate, my body shakes uncontrollably, its hard to think... I get really scared and sometimes the weirdest things set them off. They are scary though. thank you!

Hi love! Who is this?? o: Yes, this is a panic attack! You should probably tell an adult about this. There are some natural pills you can take to help this. Anti anxiety and stress relievers!


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This post has been featured on a blog.

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you see this ! this is the guy some of you guys call the devil , you guys say that he doesnt care about his fans and WHAT ! look at this ! he missed 2 shows just to be with her and her family and to be at her funeral ! and austin even got katelyn norman’s name tattooed on his body !  i dont care what people say ! OF MICE & MEN IS ONE OF THIS NICEST BANDS YOU COULD EVER MEET ! they really do care about there fans and even if they dont get the chance to talk to you one on one there something about their concerts that changes you ! makes you think differently, it moves you , pushes you to do better and part of it is because they understand ! they know how we feel ! im so proud to be an OM&M fan , not the fangirl that ships alan and austin or cares for alan being a cat , no a real fan thats real listens to there lyrics and the music and understands. tell me one more time that austin doesnt care or that OM&M is just in it for the money ! because they are not. they want to make a change in the world and slowly they are. RIP Katelyn Norman even tho i dont pray ill do it for your family 

I hope I can be as loving and caring as Austin Carlile one day.

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Will always reblog this. Or anything with JLaw for that matter

She is like nearly every woman in my family (in a nutshell). Also, kudos for using J. Law. I thought I was clever when I started using that earlier.

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